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Streamline Hoses & Wash Down Equipment

Industrial grade hot water spray nozzles, steam and cold water mixing stations, hot and cold water mixing stations, hose assemblies, and related specialty hose products for use primarily in the food processing, beverage, breweries and pharmaceutical industries.


Model (S151) Bronze Series Spray Nozzles are designed and constructed to withstand the daily demand and severe service conditions that exist in large industrial food processing environments. Its bronze and stainless steel construction ensure reliable performance and extended product life. It features a variable spray pattern that adjusts from a soft spray to a solid stream simply by depressing the lever. You are assured of drip-tight shutoff upon release of the lever. The rear mounted lever helps to ease operation during extended periods of use and reduces finger cramping. Stainless Steel Seats come standard on all Streamline Nozzles.

Streamline Mixing and Hose Stations


STEAMASTER 2000 Steam and Cold Water Mixing Station, Bronze Construction, includes Wall Mount, Bronze Globe Style Control Valves, In Line Check Valves, Stainless Steel Temperature Gauge, Stainless Steel Hose Rack and Mounting Plate with Stainless Steel Hardware (LESS HOSE AND NOZZLE)


MIX MASTER 3000 Hot and Cold Water Mixing Station, Bronze Construction, Wall Mounted, with Bronze Globe-Style Control Valves, In-Line Check Valves, Stainless Steel Hose Rack, Sani-Mount Wall Bracket, Stainless Steel Hardware (LESS HOSE and NOZZLE)

Hose Assemblies

Hose Assemblies are engineered to offer our customers a rugged, durable, high performance product ideally suited for industrial hot water washdown applications. It is constructed with a single braided textile reinforced chlorobutyl tube with a wrapped, textured neoprene cover for black and red hose (hypalon cover for white hose). Standard lengths of 25ft and 50ft. Our hose assemblies are furnished with heavy duty brass fittings with stainless steel spring guards at both ends that are hydraulically crimped to the hose. All hose assemblies are 5/8" ID, 1-1/64" OD, 250 PSI, 200°F, .25 lbs. per foot. It offers the best strength to weight ratio, is resistant to wide range of service conditions and it's superior handling lessens operator fatigue.

Complete Repair Kits

Includes one each of the following parts:
Rubber Cover, End Adaptor, Thrust Collar, Barrel Assembly, Bolt and, Bushing, Lever.

Replacement Parts

Prices are subject to change due to market conditions

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